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Delbert Leroy Vise, born June 27, 1913 in Nashville, Tennessee.

His family moved shortly after his birth to Knoxville, TN where Del grew up with 4 sisters and 3 brothers.

He was a wilder than usual teenager, taking wide ranging hitchhiking trips. He once ended up being picked up by a bunch of drunk bank robbers being pursued by the police. Since the robbers were all drunk they made Del drive. When he saw the police chasing the car, and after having heard the men tell about the robbery, Del wrecked the car so the police could catch the men. When Del, about 16 at the time, explained to the police how he came to be in the car with these bank robbers he became a hero and was sent back home on a first class train by the local police. He was later sent, all expenses paid, back to the locale where the bank robbery took place to testify against the robbers.

Del graduated from Central High School in Knoxville, TN. Del was also a flat track motorcycle racer driving his ancient Harley-Davidson motorcycle in races around the Knoxville area.

When WW2 broke out Del enlisted in the Navy and ended up in the then super secret radar field. He was assigned to the commissioning crew of the battleship USS Indiana, becoming a "Plank Holder" on this ship headed to the South Pacific to fight the Japanese. While in the South Pacific, Del lost his younger brother, Ralph, a Marine in the 4th Marine Divison, during the invasion of the island of Saipan. Del later became a Plank holder on another major combatant ship, the heavy cruiser USS Columbus. Del rose to the rank of Chief Radarman during his Navy service and at the end of the war he moved to Florida where he began his business career.

                            USS Indiana    BB-58                                                                                USS Columbus    CA-74


He founded and operated a number of business ventures ultimately opening his still-operating Pool & Patio Shop in Jacksonville, Florida 1958.

Del was married to Lois Cate, from Knoxville. They had one child, Sharon Vise Leynes, to whose daughter, Jennifer Leynes Heck, Jim Heck, the current operator of Pool and Patio Shop, is married.

Del was an exceptional man, who went from the hardscrabble hills of Tennessee, all around the world in the Navy during World War II, finally to Florida where he lived from 1949 until his death at age 89, in 2002.

Del was a member of Morocco Temple Shrine and the Riverside Presbyterian Church.

It is his business motto of "Old Furniture Made New Again".

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